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Savio Contract is a company specialized in “turnkey” renovation projects. We have experience in both local and international projects, including residential and hospitality sectors. Our services range from targeted interventions to integrated solutions. We have the unique ability to offer private property owners and professional developers all the expertise needed for high-quality interventions with maximum attention to detail. Every job is carried out with care, taking into account your needs, and offering an unparalleled level of customization at every stage of the process.

For over fifteen years, we have been offering a wide range of technical services to private clients and professional investors.

From civil renovations with the use of highly qualified personnel to the design and implementation of mechanical-electrical systems, we cover a wide spectrum of services. Additionally, we specialize in finishes, ranging from doors and windows to the selection and installation of high-quality flooring and tiling. We excel in providing complete furnishing solutions for your bathroom and kitchen, offering a wide selection of appliances from top brands. Lastly, thanks to our excellent in-house artisan carpentry, we are capable of designing and crafting any type of built-in furniture, such as wardrobes, bookcases, paneling, and more.

The Method

Our approach revolves around people, organization, and efficiency. It is our duty to meet the needs of our clients; doing so in a concrete and efficient manner is our core value. The diverse skills and character of our team make us a truly significant partner for our clients. Savio Contract works collaboratively, combining cutting-edge technologies, elite craftsmanship, holistic design vision, and meticulous attention to detail. Our approach to each project is always consistent: clear, precise, and developed through timely support services in design, execution, or logistics. Every intervention we carry out can be seen as a composition, an organic arrangement in which each function serves the overall plan.

Project Evaluation and
Preliminary Cost Estimate

First and foremost, we aim for a thorough understanding of the project. Defining the objectives allows us to quickly identify the most suitable operational strategies and plan the preliminary activities to be carried out. This results in a dual advantage for our clients: saving time and ensuring clarity in operational communication. For every job, we will always provide you with a cost estimate without surprises and a definite schedule for the execution of the work. If you are looking for a partner for more specific services, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to put our professionals at the service of your project.

Project Management
and Execution

A dedicated Project Manager oversees every phase of the project, ensuring that agreed-upon timelines and costs are adhered to. The PM ensures that operations are carried out to high standards and that craftsmen and any subcontractors are properly coordinated. The presence of an assigned architect/surveyor on-site ensures that all work is conducted in a controlled and continuous manner, avoiding inefficiencies such as time loss or overlaps. We guarantee quality in the materials used, precision in the execution of work, and absolute adherence to agreed-upon deadlines and costs. We believe that communication is crucial; therefore, our PMs, respecting their roles, are always available for periodic site meetings and to address any questions or concerns from the client. To facilitate the information sharing process, all our professionals are English speakers, with the possibility of occasionally having proficiency in a second foreign language.

Workplace Safety
and Sustainability

Savio Contract considers work to be a sacred value and believes that the dignity of workers must always be protected in every way possible. Therefore, only selected personnel who comply with current regulations, both contractually and medically, operate within our construction sites. We ensure that all activities are carried out in compliance with the legal provisions regarding workplace safety. Additionally, all our construction sites are smoke and alcohol-free environments.

Savio Contract is also committed to a sustainable and green economy, always aiming to use renewable materials and energy sources as much as possible. Therefore, both in the context of renovation projects and in the selection of system solutions, we prioritize the use of green materials or those from the circular economy, as well as the adoption of innovative solutions that contribute to reducing emissions, safeguarding the planet.

Installation and
Quality Control

Savio Contract has qualified technicians for all installation operations. We ensure that all supplies are defect-free from the origin and that installation is always carried out according to best practices. Our team is available upon request for any additional support that may be necessary to ensure that clients enjoy a better experience, free from worries and waste.

Testing, Manuals and
After-Sales Service

Savio Contract ensures the quality of its intervention through adequate testing of the works and operations. The client is always provided with a user manual for any future inspection or intervention needs. Savio Contract is also always ready to provide after-sales support and carry out any necessary repairs, modifications, or updates. Our after-sales manager will be happy to provide assistance in problem resolution and offer alternative solutions if your priorities change.