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In 2008, a magical event illuminated the soul of Savio Firmino: the birth of Guido Savio’s first granddaughter. From this sweet gift of life sprang forth an enchanted idea, a journey into the realm of childhood, where every dream takes shape. Thus, Notte Fatata is born, a collection of children’s furniture that transforms rooms into worlds of magic and adventure, where every night is a spell and every day an endless adventure.

Where children's dreams come to life

A Magical World

Children’s dreams come to life and blend with reality. In this enchanting realm, every piece of furniture is a gateway to an endless adventure, where imagination takes center stage and every detail tells a story.

A Thousand Tales

Imagine walking through enchanted forests and fairy-tale castles, surrounded by furniture that seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Every bed is a nest of sweet dreams, every desk an invitation to explore fantastic worlds, and every wardrobe a secret refuge for the most precious treasures.

Art and Craftsmanship
Made in Italy

Every piece of the Notte Fatata collection is handmade in Italy, imparting uniqueness and artisanal value to every detail. The reputation of Notte Fatata extends beyond national borders, recognized worldwide for its virtuosity and beauty.

A Kingdom of Wonders

The Notte Fatata Collection is designed to make children dream and grow in a magical and enchanted environment. Inspired by love for family and creativity, it offers infants a world of possibilities and wonders where they can explore their imagination and nurture their biggest dreams.

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