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Chelini Atelier

Like a tailor creating bespoke garments for its most discerning clients, Chelini Atelier designs and crafts custom-made furniture that embodies style, sophistication, and individuality. Each piece is crafted with artisanal mastery, following the highest standards of quality and precision. Chelini Atelier is the sanctuary of excellence craftsmanship, where the savoir-faire of bespoke tailoring harmoniously merges with the mastery of bespoke carpentry.

Chelini Atelier è il rifugio dell’artigianato d’eccellenza, dove il savoir-faire della sartoria su misura si fonde armoniosamente con la maestria della falegnameria su misura.

Like a perfectly fitting garment tailored to the client’s body, Chelini Atelier furniture is designed and crafted to impeccably fit into the most refined and sophisticated environments. In Chelini’s atelier, every detail is carefully curated, every line is meticulously thought out, creating artworks that impart timeless elegance to the spaces they inhabit

Every Chelini Atelier piece of furniture is a unique masterpiece, conceived with attention to detail and crafted with artisanal expertise passed down through generations. Like a bespoke garment distinguished by its impeccable craftsmanship and exclusive design, Chelini Atelier furniture carries an aura of prestige and sophistication.