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The C Design collection, conceived and designed by Francesco Meda. Represents a set of distinctive furniture pieces that stand out for their unique essence. Each piece is the result of meticulous material selection, such as wood, metal and lava stone. They are paired with a colour palette that enhances the intrinsic characteristics of each product. The main objective is to create objects that convey a sense of essentiality, eliminating the use of superfluous materials through geometries and streamlined shapes.”

Where the essence of design meets the art of innovation.

Rigorous Minimalist Aesthetic

The rigorous minimalist aesthetic of the furniture in the C Design collection makes them almost architectural in their conception. This distinctive style gives them a unique visual identity within the current landscape of interior design. The minimalist approach not only provides a clean and modern look but also reflects a deep attention to functionality and essentiality.

Exceptional Partnerships

C Design benefits from the collaboration of two exceptional partners, further enhancing the collection. The renowned gallerist Rossana Orlandi, a prominent figure in the world of design, will exclusively distribute the collection’s products, while Chelini, a renowned Italian manufacturer of luxury furniture, will handle production. This synergy between art, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge contemporary design promises to elevate the C Design collection to new levels of prestige and international recognition.

Open to

C Design aims to be more than just a furniture collection; it aspires to become a reference point in the world of collaborative design. The long-term goal is to establish ongoing partnerships with other designers and prominent figures in the industry. This openness to new collaborations will not only further enrich the collection but also allow for the exploration of new ideas and creative approaches.


The inclusion of new designers and creatives within the C Design collection will not only promote diversity of perspectives and styles but also foster innovation through the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. This open and inclusive approach reflects C Design’s commitment to keeping up with emerging trends and maintaining a dynamic and ever-evolving identity in the contemporary design landscape.

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