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Since 1898, Chelini has embodied excellence in luxury furnishings Made in Italy, with artisanal crafted furnishings that stand out on the international stage. Founded in Florence, guardian of an unparalleled artistic and cultural heritage, the company has perpetuated for generations an art and beauty of inestimable value.

Since 1898, tailor-made ateliers for the most demanding spaces.

The Art of Craftsmanship

Chelini’s philosophy materializes in a wide range of stylistic expressions, satisfying clients’ needs with personalized and unique creations. In addition to individual furnishings, Chelini stands out for the design and realization of total looks, enhancing spaces with a luxury of decisive and refined style.

The Atelier

Chelini is not just a luxury furniture company; it is a true atelier where art and craftsmanship come together to create timeless works. The atelier goes beyond mere production; it is a place where every project is conceived as a work of art. Artisans collaborate with designers and artists to transform creative concepts into tangible realities, giving life to furniture that are true masterpieces.

and Tradition

The beating heart of Chelini’s activity is artisanal experimentation, which finds expression in highly customized solutions, from woodwork to the panelling. Through archive designs or client specifications, Chelini offers unique and timeless furnishings, capable of surpassing every expectation.

Open to

True to its tradition of innovation, Chelini embraces new collaborations with international designers to enrich its repertoire of furnishings and forms. This artistic contamination is reflected in experimentation, research, and the creation of fresh and innovative lines, responding to the needs of a clientele increasingly attentive to new trends in the world of furniture and design.

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